Celebration Service testimonies

16 10 2006

Here are some excerpts from the testimonies on Celebration Sunday:

“a church that comes together from so many different backgrounds, so many different places, and yet everybody meshes just beautifully.”

“one of the biggest things we can be thankful for is just focus … with a million things going on in our lives, a good church home was the one thing that was missing…. Bringing us closer together, bringing our entire family closer together with a brand new [church] family, and the blessings have just been multiplying ever since…”

“our family just has been so overwhelmed by the love of the body of Christ here”

“we feel like we’re family with you all … each of you have been a big part in our lives … you have the one-anothering thing down really well by God’s grace.”

“a tremendous leadership among the women”

“God put us here”

“it’s a miracle that God has brought all of us together”

“a pastor who unabashedly preaches the word of God in a culture that is contrary to that”

“our family is extremely encouraged … church used to be an obligation … I knew that churches like this existed … to understand what it’s like to have a real church family, one who lifts one another up, it’s just one big family. Understanding and feeling that is different from anything we’ve had before…. The love that’s here is unbelievable.”

“I think the love of everybody … I’ve never been to a church where, when I had a need, people called me … it blew me away, how supportive everyone was … I’ve learned so much about God. I’ve been to church a long time and I never really knew God until I came here. It’s opened my eyes and my heart to a lot of things. … Now I actually pray, something I’ve never really done.”



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