Elders, Six Common Family Problems, and Don’t Judge!

27 11 2006

Next Sunday we’ll take another exciting first step when we appoint our first lay elders. To be honest, words like confused and overwhelmed and unsure have been descriptive at times in this process.  This is new ground for me, somewhat different from the deacons/pastor model (or at least nomenclature) that I grew up with. We have tried to take the biblical qualifications very seriously: yet at the end of the day they are just men, and the decisions are not always crystal clear. But I take great confidence in knowing that we are honestly just seeking to follow the pattern of Scripture; Christ’s offices for his church; and His qualifications. Of course this is also a very exciting step – plurality of leadership is a dream come true!
I preached this morning from Genesis 27 and addressed Six Common Family Problems. Again I can’t praise the Lord enough for receptive hearers. Our Bible study time was spent on Jesus’ command not to judge (Matthew 7:1-6) – but we’ll be back next week, because there is no way to cover that in one week!
Please pray for my work on an evangelistic newsletter that we will be using next year! Thank you!



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