Labor Day, Lehman, and Lost Scrolls

4 09 2007

We had great attendance on the 4th of July weekend. We had terrible attendance on Labor Day weekend. : – )
Mark Lehman was with us this weekend. I always enjoy being with him and hearing him teach. He overviewed Taosim / Buddhism / Confucianism for us and then shared some principles for witnessing to Chinese people. It was very helpful. We were disappointed that we didn’t have any Chinese people attend, but I think we were faithful to do what we could to spread the word and invite people.
Monday morning I had the privilege of seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum. It was really a blessing. Twelve scroll fragments form the heart of the exhibition, including a portion of Isaiah and a large Psalms scroll. But there is much more: beautiful photography of the land, flora, and fauna from the area around the Dead Sea; archaeological remains from Qumran like combs, plates, and very rare inkwells that they probably used to copy their scrolls; displays to help you understand how they put the fragments together, date them, and preserve them; very old Hebrew manuscripts that are stored in Russia; many handwritten Bibles from the last 1500 years; and more! It’s an amazing testimony to the preservation of God’s Word over thousands of years through the “labor of love” of making handwritten copies.



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