Cooling off and calming down

18 09 2007

The temperatures are cooling down in Southern California (our girls are having to get used to pants and shoes!), and the Lovegrove Bed-and-Breakfast should also be calming down now. In the past two months we’ve had my sister Cindy, Jarre Radcliffe, Elijah Wilcott, Paul & Karen Jachimiak, Tim & Eileen Sneeden, Dr. & Mrs. Bud Bierman, Kristalyn’s parents, Eric & Alicia True, Mark Lehman, and Lewis & Ruby Kong with us. It has been a blessing to be able to host and learn from each of these.

Here are some of the current challenges in the ministry here:
It’s been an unsettled time with (too?) many unusual things at church: missionaries, guest speakers, schedule changes, etc. I think our people are a little worn out by all of it, and they are ready to get back to a more consistent routine (and having their pastor preach once in a while?!). Attendance in August was very good but has dipped in September.
We’ve had very little fruit from our outreach efforts this summer and fall.
We’re also making our new budget and really feeling the financial pressure of being a self-supporting church. 2007 has been an expensive year for us, and the new budget is very tight.

And some of the blessings:
We have some men who are interested in being developed for leadership. It’s a delight to help these men mature in the Lord and pursue God’s best for them. In the next 6 months to a year we may add 1 – 3 deacons to our leadership team.
We have a new couple that is ready to start a new-believers discipleship study with me.
We had a wonderful Sunday (Sept. 16) with Lewis & Ruby Kong. They did a great job of sharing about their ministry and sharing the Lord’s grace in their salvation and call to ministry. On Sunday night we packed more than 40 people into our living room and spent an hour and a half learning more about ministry in Hong Kong. It was a wonderful time.
The Lord provided for Adam & Kristi Lee to be able to purchase a new home about two weeks ago. They are very excited to be in their own home and have baby #1 on the way.
Lord-willing in October I’ll be beginning a new expositional series on I John. I’ve been having a great time doing the background preparation for this series.

For obvious reasons I can’t share specific prayer requests on a blog like this. But we would love to have you praying with us. If you can email us (, we would be glad to send you more specific prayer requests.



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