A Pastor and His Money

19 12 2007

How a pastor handles his money can make or break his ministry. At a time when things are financially rough for a lot of Southern Californians and very tight for our church, it’s especially important that we model contentment and carefulness in how we handle our finances. For Kristalyn and I, one piece of software has made a huge difference for us. It’s a $29.95 program called “Budget“, available from www.snowmintcs.com . We’ve used the budgeting setups in Money & Quicken; we know that there are other budgeting services available online, some for free; but in our opinion, nothing compares to “Budget.” It has completely transformed how we handle our money, and we highly recommend it.



2 responses

18 01 2008
Chris U

Tim, we’ve started using this budget program and have really appreciated it. Thank you for the recommendation. Hope you guys are doing well!

20 01 2010
Budgeting on the Go « Southern California Church Planting

[…] on the Go 20 01 2010 I’ve previously posted about a software program called “Budget” from snowmintcs.com (Mac and Win). My family […]

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