Why hate LA?

4 05 2008

Another post that has nothing to do with church planting. I grew up in Salt Lake City, and now of course Southern California is my home. I grew up as a Utah Jazz fan, and now I live in Lakers mecca. And now the Lakers and Jazz meet in the NBA playoffs.  (I am still a rabid Jazz fan, by the way, but I don’t have much hope that they can beat the Lakers this year)

Growing up in Utah, I remember a certain city-wide disdain for California. If we had traffic problems or gang problems, the blame could always be placed on those Californians who kept moving up our way. So I grinned a little bit when I found this excerpt in the sports section of a Utah newspaper:

Los Angeles is the anti-Salt Lake. In Utah, Debbi Fields passes for celebrity. In L.A., stars are everywhere.

“They’ve always had great players, and (L.A.) has always been full of celebrities in the crowd,” says Jazz swingman Kyle Korver. “You can’t be caught up in it. If you get caught up in that stuff, you’re gonna get beat. That might be one of the reasons why they’ve been so tough.”

So Jazz fans go to the “You think you’re better than me?” card.

Maybe it’s a case of beach-envy.

It’s actually a lot like hating the prom queen. She may never have done anything to you, but you hate her because she’s beautiful. Or rich. Or popular.

On one hand, she’s everything you want to be. On the other hand, she’s everything you despise.

I love living in Southern California, and I’ve managed to adopt most of the sports teams here. But I can’t quite get myself to wholeheartedly cheer for the Lakers. So go Jazz – and I love L.A.



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