Church Planting, Preaching, and Patience – Part I

28 07 2008

Seven years ago I received this advice: “When you plant a church, prepare your first year of sermons in advance. That way you can spend the first year soulwinning.” There’s one thing I like about that statement: it places a strong emphasis on the evangelistic foundation necessary for a healthy church plant. But in most every other way, that advice tends toward a very unhealthy church plant.

What about the church planter’s heart? Is a year without any serious sermon preparation spiritually healthy?

What about the flock – are they being fed by those stock sermons prepared in advance and pulled out of the file folder on Saturday afternoon?

What about the pastor’s relationship to his people? Though he should shepherd in many other ways, does not the primary shepherding occur through the Word as it is preached and taught?

Does this statement suggest that preaching is a peripheral – or even problematic – part of church planting?

One more comment has to do with patience … but that will come in the next post.



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