Climbing the Pastoral Ladder

6 10 2008

“Those who are most successful in the ministry of local churches move on to larger churches and higher salaries rather than moving on to challenging unchurched areas where their experience and abilities could be used in starting new congregations…. Where are the modern Paul’s – divinely motivated to go to churchless vacuums rather than large churches?” (Dvaid J. Hesselgrave, Planting Churches Cross-Culturally)

Those words grabbed my attention the first time I read them. I would love to spend my whole life ministering in Menifee. But I sometimes wonder if, someday in the future, God might want my family to go to another area of Southern California, a “challenging unchurched area,” and put our experience and abilities to work there? It may be that God wants us to stay in Menifee and play a supporting, organizing, preparing, and coaching role as others go to different areas in Southern California. But if God wants us to go, I pray that our hearts will be eager, even if to many it would seem like a step down the pastoral ladder.



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