My Electronic Tools: FreeMind

22 08 2009

freemindMind-mapping has become a favorite time-saver and organizational tool for me. Though there are snazzier (and far more expensive) mind-map programs available, Freemind is free, fast, easy, and robust enough for most of what I do. I previously used mindomo, which is prettier, but I ended up wanting something that was not web-based. Freemind saved me time and helps me communicate clearly.

How do I use mindmapping?

  • For my task organization. I have used many different task organization methods, from 3×5 cards and notebooks to Remember the Milk and my Blackberry. But mind-mapping is my current favorite, probably because it is so fast and so easy to organize. Freemind allows me to organize my tasks anyway I want, quickly and easily.
  • For my sermon preparation. After the grunt work of exegesis is done, how do you turn that pile of notes into a cohesive sermon? For complex sermons (including series that stretch over several weeks), I find that mind-mapping is the quickest way to bring clarity to the sermon organization.
  • For meeting preparation. When I have a bunch of thoughts I need to quickly organize in preparation for a meeting, mind-mapping is the quickest way to get it done.

Here’s an example of how Freemind helped me organize my thoughts and plan for a complex two-week series on discipleship:




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