Logos 4: Stuff to Remember

9 11 2009

I’m working on a topical study on ransom/redemption. My mind is swimming with texts, words, and things to remember to look up and check on. In the process I come across a handy chart in one of my commentaries that I want to return to later. Logos Bible Software 4 gives me three great ways to get back to it. First, I can put it in a “clipping.” These are quick files that contain clippings of anything you want from your library – kind of like a notepad sitting on your desk. (click for full-size images)


So you can see how I copied the chart into the clipping. I could also add this page to my favorites list, so I can return to the page easily:


 If I forget to do either of those things, I can just go back and find it in the history (this isn’t actually the history from that study):




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