Budgeting on the Go

20 01 2010

I’ve previously posted about a software program called “Budget” from snowmintcs.com (Mac and Win). My family has used this for years, and it has greatly improved our financial stewardship. I’m excited to see that they have an iphone/ipod touch app that appears to be fairly full-featured. This is great news because using “Budget” correctly really requires entering every receipt into the program. For many people that’s just too difficult, but I’m hopeful that the ability to enter the transaction in just a few seconds on your iphone might make this possible for more people. The great news – the iphone version syncs with the desktop software. The bad news – right now it only syncs with the Mac desktop version, not Windows.

I know others much prefer mvelopes. I’ve balked at mvelopes simply because of the high cost involved. I’ve heard that mvelopes is offering lifetime subscriptions that bring the cost down, but apparently this is only available for some of their current users.  Newbies still pay a pretty high rate. Two “pros” with mvelopes: they do have a partnership with Crown Financial Ministries (here), and they offer web access to your account through your mobile phone.



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