The Culture of Celebrity

19 05 2010

I came across a quote in Christianity Today which led me to an old blog post from beliefnet: “4 Reasons Why There Are So Many Christian Contestants on American Idol.” It’s a thought-provoking little post, in which the author claims that one of the reasons is because “Christians are loosening up.” The author writes:

With the culture of celebrity becoming more common within the Christian community, the idea of a Christian making it big in the mainstream isn’t so distasteful any more.

Now there’s a lot to talk about. What is the “culture of celebrity”? What does it mean that this culture is becoming more common in the Christian community? What is “the mainstream”? What does it mean to “make it  big”? Why was this considered distasteful in the past? How have Christians “loosened up”?

Interestingly, the author gives her opinion that the “biggest reason” why there are so many Christians is because “there’s money in it for the show.”



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