Logos 4 Bible Word Study

The Bible Word Study is a powerful guide for both English language and original language words. Let’s start by selecting the guide:


I enter the word “courage” into the search box in the guide, and here’s what we get:


Notice that at the top we have links to standard dictionary, Bible dictionary, and topical Bible entries on courage. Below that two graphs illustrate the Greek and Hebrew words that are translated “courage” in my preferred Bible. But how do those Hebrew words help someone who doesn’t know Hebrew? Watch what happens when I hover my mouse over any section of the graph:


Now we can see the meaning of that Hebrew word, which is one of the two most commonly used OT words for “courage.” I got that by hovering over the graph – now if I click onthat section of the graph, I get a list of every place in the OT where that Hebrew word is translated “courage”:


If we go down to the Greek New Testament section of the Bible Word Study guide, we can do the same thing:


Now this is interesting: a word that has the basic idea of “cheerfulness” that is being translated with the idea of courage. Wouldn’t it be nice to do a Bible Word Study on that Greek word? But if I don’t know Greek, how do I type that word into the Bible word Study search box? Watch this:


This is a very helpful new tool in L4: notice that the transliteration of the Greek word is down there are the bottom. Now if I don’t know Greek, I can just type “g:” into the search box, and then start typing the transliteration – what the word sounds like in English letters. L4 figures out which Greek word you are trying to type! Select it, and:


The Bible Word Study on that Greek word! At the top of the guide, where it says “Lemma,” you find a list of Greek dictionaries with definitions for this word. You can click on them to get the full definition, but watch what happens when I just hover my mouse over the dictionary name:


Further down in the guide we havea graph that shows us every way this word is translated in the New Testament. Then if we scroll even further down, we have example uses, grammatical relationships, and a listing of how many times it appears in the Greek New Testament (click on that to bring up those verses):


4 responses

2 11 2009
The Big Logos 4 Release « Southern California Church Planting

[…] Logos 4 Bible Word Study […]

29 11 2009

Thanks for this guide.
Was just about to buy Logos4 and wanted to see how it does a simple word study. This was just perfect. 🙂

1 03 2011
Bible Word of God

Every believer who is set to make mark in ministry must get this bible study guide. It also gives us ancient meanings (e.g greek) of the word search.

1 02 2012
Jesuraj Robert Samuel

Every Day Shine With His Glory. oh Word Of Go Speak To nations

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