Gifts for the Rancho church plant should be made to Grace Bible Church, designated for “Rancho church plant,” and mailed to:

Grace Bible Church of Menifee
PO Box 653
Sun City, CA 92586

We are seeking to raise $40,000 by May of 2010. These funds would be used:

  1. To pay for the outreach materials needed this summer as we take to the streets in Rancho, reaching out to people in the community.
  2. To pay for the facility costs to secure and furnish a meeting location and to pay for the first few months of rent.
  3. To supplement the salary of the Trues during the early months of the church plant.

As with any church plant, the Rancho church plant needs committed prayer supporters, one-time financial gifts for startup costs, and short-term financial support for the Trues. But the financial model we are following for the Trues takes a little bit of explanation.

When Grace Bible Church of Menifee was started, the people and nearly all of the resources came from outside of Southern California. Over the long term, our goal is that both the people and the resources for new church plants in Southern California would come from within Southern California (this is what we mean when we use the word “indigenous”). But this won’t happen all at once. As we prepare for church plant #2  in Rancho Cucamonga, we have to admit that we don’t have all of the resources necessary to accomplish this on our own. We can send them some tithing families, and provide lots of other help and support in non-financial ways. But we will need outside help while we do everything we can to make this a church plant from within Southern California.

As part of this commitment, we decided not to send the Trues on the road for years of deputation. We wanted them to be an active part of GBC Menifee, gaining experience in Southern California and building strong relationships with the GBC family. This not only helps to prepare the Trues for the next church plant, but even more importantly it increases the ownership of the church family at Grace in Menifee. In other words, it really helps the GBC Menifee family feel like they are an important part of this next church plant – and that is a big step toward “indigenous” church planting.

This model is possible because Pastor Eric is willing to work hard in the dental lab to make up the income they need. Right now about 20% of their income comes from supporting churches and 80% from the lab. That means that Pastor Eric is able to put 20% of his work week into GBC ministry, and 80% into the lab. That will obviously not be sufficient ministry time once the next church plant begins.

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